Supported by investment funds and partners, GLOBAL CAPITAL+PROJECT DATABASE encourages and supports innovative and creative economic activities in all fields.
GLOBAL CAPITAL+PROJECT DATABASE is a global service platform, gathering global fund providers, technology giants and high quality assets and serving as an important tool for IIGC to implement its global strategy. Participants can quickly form partnerships through the platform with low costs. It is expected that over 100 billion dollars will be invested in projects in the DATABASE through IIGC.


Promote international collaborations among the cutting-edge technology and project, all kinds of capital, investment funds and etc. through establishing long-term cooperation mechanisms involving multi-parties.

Investment Types

·High Tech Investment Projects
·Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Projects
·Mergers & Acquisitions

IIGC expert members provide comprehensive guidance for governments at all levels and enterprises in different countries, industry funds, and IIGC itself, provide advice and technical support as longtime international and cross-border investment consultants, offer suggestions on major industrial investment projects, development strategies and management, to ensure the stable and sound development of the investment in various industries.
Expert members of Investment & Innovation Global Council (IIGC) are from government organs, world's top 500 enterprises, international organizations and R&D institutions. They are top-level authorities and have leadership positions in their field, play important roles in the future development of certain industries or countries (regions), and are the core strength of IIGC as well.

International Conferences

Establish high-level dialogue mechanisms to pool global industrial resources and discuss frontier and key issues of global industries; Release high-quality industrial development reports and serve for interested parties' communication and cooperation.

International Visits

Support senior leaders of governments, enterprises and various organizations to learn from different countries, share advanced experience and seek cooperation on international financial capital, leading edge technology projects, and invest information.

The 1st GHICC 2020 was held on 8 June, 2020 at Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China

Global Health Industry Cooperation Conference - Leaders Online Video Summit 2020 was initiated by Asia Pacific CEO Association, hosted by The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, and organized by Asia Pacific CEO Association, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, and Health Commission of Zhejiang Province       >>