Since the world economy is entering the age of Industry 4.0 represented by information technology, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials, investment and innovation are key factors for the new round of international industrial development.
In 2015, under the framework of the Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS) hosted by the Asia Pacific CEO Association, the political and business leaders, scientific elites, global think tanks and heads of international organizations gathered together to discuss hot issues, such as how to further optimize the allocation of global resources through innovation and investment, and reached the consensus, which was to establish a new organ to realize the function. Hereby Investment & Innovation Global Council (IIGC) was born.
After a year of planning, Investment & Innovation Global Council (IIGC) was officially founded on the Wall Street, New York, USA in November 2016, and set up offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Beijing, Paris, London, Vienna, Vancouver and Sydney etc. The establishment of IIGC has won various support from governments, world's top 500 enterprises, industry associations, international organizations and research institutions.